Desktop POS

KYBIO desktop Point-Of-Sale System is the answer to all your POS needs and more. The KYBIO POS System is designed for the modern business owner. The POS software is an android OS base that has the ability to integrate new payment options through its multiport array. The KYBIO POS is built with the future in mind to serve you now and forever. The POS minimalistic design allows it to fit easily on your countertop and does not compromise on the outlook of your shopfront. KYBIO POS also has an integrated thermal printer within the desktop terminal for minimum cluttering and a more compact design. To achieve fluid transactions, the POS system allows for intuitive ordering and tabling system where modifiers can be created by the users to reflect a dynamic pricing system such as happy hour promotions or combo order discounts. KYBIO POS system will support you in achieving a more efficient and streamlined operation process.


Mobile POS

KYBIO Mobile Point-Of-Sale system is designed with 3 values in mind: Portable, Durable, Reliable. The Mobile POS system is equipped with a tabling system and is able to take orders wirelessly. The Mobile POS also has the nifty ability to process cashless payments through mobile apps or a linked credit card and nets terminal. Through wireless internet connection, orders are sent to the kitchen in real time and all connected units are able to access bills and accept payments that are placed on different POS units. With a 5800 mAh battery, KYBIO Mobile POS is able to power through two busy days with a single charge. An integrated thermal printer also makes instant receipt printing possible on the Mobile POS.


Payment Terminal

Weebo’s payment terminal enables quick payment processes without fuss. An all-in-one Payment Terminal will take up less counter space and increase flexibility. You will be able to go from order taking to payment acceptance with a single device. Be it for pop-up events or in-store use, the wireless payment terminal can fulfill your requirements.


KYBIO T1 14-inch + 14-inch dual screens

Redefining The Cash Register

Boasting a global iF gold designer award, over 200 hardware and software engineers worked carefully to create a unique solution to your POS needs, tailored to give you the best experience far beyond the other cash registers. Armed with the Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core and encased within a beautiful and elegant casing, the KYBIO T-1 is the ideal tool to help you maximise your efficiency.



Integrated Printing Handheld Terminal

Made up of durable materials and coupled with a rugged design, the portable KYBIO V1 features a 5.5” IPS HD display and is capable making cashless payments as well as barcode and QR code scanning to verify payments or vouchers.


All-in-one Payment Terminal

Payment at your fingertips

All-in-one payment terminal with seamless POS integration for a fuss free experience! The portable payment terminal features a 5.5 inch LED touchscreen display and signature capture functions to make accounting clearer.


Kitchen Display System

Clearly displays orders and tickets on screen as opposed to handwritten tickets

Similar to regular kitchen printers, establishments can run multiple screens and have specific products appear at each one. The order display screen will display all the current orders waiting to be completed and when it is done, a caller will display the order number so that customers know when to make their way to the take-out point to collect their order.