All-In-One Desktop POS



All-in-one solution

Smart POS, smarter business

Redefining The Cash Register

Designed by iF Gold Award winning designers to bring you the best POS system in Singapore

Modifier system for all your menu options


Android based os delivers smooth user friendly experience


Compact all in one design

Step away from the POS systems of the past and welcome the smartest option available on the market

Armed with the latest QUALCOMM snapdragon processor, transactions are completed and orders filled in at lightning speed. Transitions between different table orders and changes to original orders are completed with a few simple taps on the screen. Running on an android OS, the system is intuitive and very user friendly, making training and mastering the Desktop POS system a breeze.

1.7  Times 

faster than the previous generation

x 4  Times 

better performance scores than that of peer products



64G  TF

External TF available

Note: 1. Real memory will be reduced due to a number of factors, and there are differences. Operating system also occupy part of memory.

  2. Actual product specifications when sold take precedence over what may be listed on this page; any changes may be made without prior notification

Our broad-view design allows you to view the screen from different angles

Advanced image adjustment technology gives users 178 horizontal and vertical visual angle.

Three different screen variations to suit your individual needs

Plug and play screen attachments to adapt to your changing needs

Highly extensible and compatible

Compact, all-in-one design

Our simple yet intuitive interface allows for five USB interface ports,  a headset jack and other POS-essentAial ports.

Unimaginable industrial design

Astounding detail presentation


State-of-art technology coupled with an elegance designAnti-dust screens and a fingerprint-proof frosted surface makes cleaning the Desktop POS a simple fuss free process.

Stable base, easy operation of mechanical parts


Screen angles are easy to change with a simple push, yet sturdy enough to withstand accidentals bumps due the machines low centre of gravity where the majority of its weight is centred on the base of the Desktop POS

Built in NSK 80mm high-speed thermal printer


80mm thermosensitive, 2 sheets printed per second, NSK printing head, fully automatic slitter, automatic bill separation.