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Pre-scoping of IT solutions and equipment with prequalified vendors


F&B- Weebo’s POS (Point of Sale) system offers simple to use menu interface with many convenient modifiers to reflect your dynamic menu options. We offer kitchen display system to achieve more efficiency in your restaurant operation and cut down on lapse time.


RETAIL- Our POS system provides detailed inventory system to track your stocks and inventory. The cloud-based POS software records stock movement between shops and generates sales graphs to show you which models and brands are the best-selling.


FASHION BEAUTY- Sales allocations are a breeze when sales can be credited to specific employees to account for their commissions. Weebo’s POS software can enhance your business by generating sales graphs which analyses your transactions and aid you in achieving effective marketing.


NIGHT SPOTS - With Mobile POS systems, long queues and misheard orders at the club and pub will be eliminated as orders can be filled and confirmed instantaneously on the bright 5.5-inch IPS display. The Mobile POS also supports payments to optimise efficiency in the ordering and payment process.

Raw material formula management

Accurate to 1g of the loss: The POS system accounts for every details

Raw material management: The cloud-based system allows for accurate monitoring of raw materials, inventory management and consumption level

POS system enables analysis of raw material loss to track your expenditure from food and raw materials consumption

Semi-finished product management: Accurate set of semi-finished inventory and consumption; Link to achieve precise control of dishes

Standardized recipes: The POS software can store a standard recipe combination to allow chefs to cook according to formula and achieve consistency

Inventory management

Inventory intelligence; Early warning, perfect control costs

Stock early warning: POS backend system permits user-defined inventory upper limit and lower limit to monitor critical stock levels and ensure smooth business operations

Cloud based POS software record changes accurately to present statistics and offer accountability

Automatically accounting and uploading of inventory; location, personnel and other detailed input are taken into consideration

Commodity reported loss function: Reporting loss of intelligent records, and the reasons for the note; a timely prevention for loss

Staff Management

Performance accounting clearly

KDS (Kitchen Display System) kitchen print system can evaluate the chef performance and account for manpower needs

Cashiers can be allocated with their individual accounts to track their performance

The POS system is equipped with convenient performance assessment function to record sales staff performance. Commission can be automatically allocated and credited to the individuals

Night Spots

Quickly and effortlessly accept orders and process payments

Mobile handheld POS: Quickly and effortlessly accept orders, process payments, and complete transactions with printed receipts. This indicates shorter serving time during transactions and more personalized interaction with your guests and VIPs

Cloud based solution allows nightclub owners and managers to see real-time performance remotely

Pre-Set your prices and promotion period on the POS system for your Events, Happy Hours, or Special Deals. The cloud-based POS system allows for you tailor and prioritize your menu to align it with your marketing needs